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3 Safety Tips To Follow While Driving at Night

3 Safety Tips To Follow While Driving at Night

Driving is both joyful and threatening experience. Night driving pose several challenges that can even turn out to be deadly. Since there is darkness all around with bright vehicle lights striking directly at the face, one can face reduced vision issues. Individuals who have just passed their driving exam or who are still learning to drive are at a higher risk due to little experience. The significant reduction in visibility pose threat to both vehicles and pedestrians. One needs to drive slowly and attentively at night to prevent risks of accidents and crashes.

Some ways to enhance safety during night driving are:

  1. Clean the car windows: To improve your vision through the mirrors, clean the windshield and windows before going out for a ride. This will help in removing the thin hazy film of tiny dust particles that are responsible for a blurry vision. Due to heat of the car heaters and head light, plastic vinyl emits some plasticizers that cover the inside surface of the windscreen with a thin waxy covering. This unwanted film can be removed with a clean cloth or sponge soaked in a mixture of water and vinegar solution.
  2. Clean the mirrors & headlight: The same process of the windshield needs to be followed with the rear view mirrors and headlights. Mirrors do get the same waxy film that reduces the vision of the back view traffic. All driving schools in Calgary advise their students to clean the mirrors, headlights, windows panes etc. before actually going to drive out at night. By cleaning the vehicle headlights, a driver can reduce the glare effect that distorts the vision.
  3. Avoid eye contact with headlights: Most possibly, you may witness night glare from the vehicle coming from the opposite direction. If you are driving at a one way road, then you need to be extra careful and attentive. A sharp night driving glare emitted from an oncoming vehicle headlight can highly risk your safety as you may feel darkness over your eyes. Keep your eyes low and away from the glare so that you wont get distracted by the extra bright light. In case, the glare is particularly bad and bright, slow down your car or stop at the road edge. You can also consider installing an anti-glare rear view mirror to prevent blurred vision.

These are some of the tips that needs to be followed while driving at night. Almost all driving instructors do instruct their students about safe night driving. If you are looking to learn car driving in Calgary, consider enrolling yourself at My Way Driving Academy.

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