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5 ‘Must Know’ Teen Driving Safety Tips

Plenty of tips can be heard when it comes to safety while driving for teenagers. But some truly are helpful. These tips are usually very simple and hence are often overlooked. Almost everybody knows that mixing drinks with driving is never a good idea. Apart from this, there are several other tips which can be given to teen drivers, whether they are a novice or an expert. Some of these tips include:

  1. Contracts with parents – Maintaining a parent-teen driving contract or logbook is the easiest and by far the simplest way to keep your budding teenager safe. The logbook should contain a simple set of do’s and don’ts with proper consequences in case the teen breaks any rule of agreement. A logbook can limit the access of the vehicle to your teen, ultimately helping you to monitor its use. This also helps to instil a sense of responsibility in your teen.
  2. Don’t be a chauffeur – One of the most crucial teen driving safety tip is that they must not become the driver of their friend’s personal vehicle. If a teen is able to drive, that doesn’t mean he/she can handle the distraction of people/vehicles on the road. Moreover, they are not ready to take the responsibility of their fellow passengers as well. More passengers in the car will lead to easy loss of focus, which can be dangerous.
  3. Learn from traffic school – One should always learn from certified driving professionals from a driving school and not by just driving around. Driving and traffic school defensive courses are specifically designed in such a way so as to create an environment that is apt for new drivers, help them hone their skills and also impart in them new strategies for safe driving. Busy streets can never teach you defensive driving, traffic schools can.
  4. Buckle up! – Always teach a teen driver to buckle up before they even start the vehicle. Wearing the safety belt drastically reduces the chances of getting killed or injured in an accident by almost 50 percent. It also helps to keep the driver at the wheel and helps him/her to give a sturdy control of the vehicle which will ultimately help you to react to various compounding situations like a crash. Making it a constant habit to buckle up before even turning on the ignition will ensure your teens safety.
  5. Distracted Driving Mobile App – Various distracted driving mobile applications are designed in such a way so that they can disable your mobile phone’s features while the phone is in motion. These apps can thus help you avoid the temptation of answering to a call or replying to a text while driving. Another great feature of these apps is to use their GPS to designate some locations as ‘unsafe’ and ‘unfit’ for teenagers thus allowing parents to be notified in case their teen lands up in any of those spots.

Vehicle crashes constitute the highest percentage for deaths and injuries among teens thus making them aware regarding vehicle safety a priority. We, at My Way Academy Driving, have the most trained and experienced professionals who can efficiently teach you everything about driving at our driving school in Calgary.

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