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5 Tips To Follow For Safe Driving With Pets

5 Tips To Follow For Safe Driving With Pets

Safe driving is the foremost thing to learn and follow when it comes to teenage driving. Most of the individuals think themselves to be trained drivers just by learning car driving lessons for a week or so. Overconfidence, when its displayed on the road can hurt you, others and even animals. Teenagers often drive carelessly and carry their pets along with them in the vehicle. As responsible pet owners, its important to learn essential driving skills for pets, so that both of you can enjoy a long and safe drive to a vet.

Few tips for safe driving with pets are:

  1. Keep them in a crate: Pets often create nuisance inside a moving vehicle. To avoid distraction, its advised to protect your loved ones by keeping them in a crate. One can either use a dog restraint or a seat belt to secure and adjust the crate on the seat. This not only help you to concentrate on the road, but will also prevent pet injuries in the event of an accident.
  2. Use a carrier: Unlike dogs, cats are not at all fond of traveling. They can pounce of the driver or curious press all the automatic control inside a car. To prevent all this nuisance while driving, place your feline in a specially designed cat carrier.
  3. Keep pets in the back seat: While you may find it to be funny, having your dog or cat ride shotgun is actually dangerous. An airbag can cause them serious injury, even if they are in a crate. For the safety of your pet, make him sit on the back seat.
  4. Drive slow: Whenever you are traveling with pets, make sure that you should be on a slow speed. Pets can anytime free themselves from the crate and jump over. To prevent the loss of control over the vehicle, its greatly advised to drive at a slower speed when accompanied by pets.
  5. Take breaks: If you are driving for long distances along with a pet, make sure to stop after every hour to take a break. Since pet body is different to humans, they are likely to get tired easily by siting at a same spot for long hours. Therefore, it’s important to take frequent breaks so that your dog can move around.

These are the few driving tips to follow when carrying pets in a vehicle. If you are afraid of taking your dog to long drives in a car, we can help you in overcoming your fear. Enroll yourself at My Way Driving School to learn defensive driving with pets.

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