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5 Tips to Prevent Unexpected Damages On Road

5 Tips to Prevent Unexpected Damages On Road

Sometimes, your minor mistakes lead you to face a big damage either with your vehicle or your own. So, one is suggested to be careful when driving on road. Especially, when you are going to drive after a long time, you should cover the gap by driving practice before going to the road.
No matter, you are an experienced driver or first time going to drive, these tips will protect you from unwanted damage.

Following few tips are helpful in minimizing the chances of facing accidents during winter fog:

  1. Beware Of Blind Spots
    Keep in your knowledge where the blind spots are on your vehicle as well as check them before taking a turn or lane switch. Also, be aware of the blind spots of other vehicles on the road.
  2. Reposition Your Vehicle Side Mirrors
    Some drivers used to see a bit of car in the side mirror while driving although it is not right. You need to angle the mirror slightly out, so you can see the road instead of seeing your car.
  3. Follow Signal Rules
    You always need to be aware of signal light so that the other drivers or pedestrians can pass through easily. First of all, check your blind spots, take a turn and be sure that signal is turned off. Don’t do anything that misleads the other drivers and causes any accidents.
  4. Don’t Tailgate
    When you are stuck in the traffic, make sure to leave a braking room behind the vehicle that is in front of your car. Even, you should always prepare for a sudden stop. Because, a good rule of the thumb is to maintain the distance of minimum 3 seconds from your vehicle to the next one.

Don’t Drive When

  • You are sleepless for many days
  • You have lost your temper
  • You have drunk too much

However, these are basic rules, still, some drivers are not following these. Remember, you have to be careful on road and with driving rules so that you can stay safe. In order to improve your driving skills, you can reach My Way Driving School Calgary. We have a team of licensed and professional instructors to help you in learning driving skills as well as pass the driving test.

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