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Buying Your First Car (Hooray!) – And Now Some Practical Tips

During their driving lessons Calgary, most students often ask for advice about buying their first car. Here are some steps to help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing a car that it is safe and affordable. Being a leading driving school Calgary, we present some car buying and maintenance tips.

Be realistic

First things first – decide how much you can pay for your first car. Not just the amount to buy the car but also its running costs such as, insurance, road tax, petrol, servicing and repairs. This doesn’t mean that going for the cheapest is always the right option – a cheap vehicle needn’t always be safe or reliable.

Everyone has a dream car but you need to be realistic. As new drivers, your first car shouldn’t be very fast or powerful, consider buying a small car or maybe a small family car. Then do your homework. Search the magazines and Internet for reviews and prices of all types and models of cars.

Now with a price and model in mind you’re ready to shop. So what comes next in the process of buying your first car?

Pre-owned or brand new?

If you decide to buy a used car, look for recognized dealers as you get the maximum legal protection with the least risk. Buying a car privately can save you a good amount of money but will not protect you legally if the car fails to live up to your expectations.

Go for a test drive

Driving school Calgary recommends everyone to test drive the car to check whether you like the feel of it or not. Buying a car is a huge investment so do not feel pressurized to buy it on the spot. In case, you are skeptic about the car’s quality you can ask an expert to check it for you.

Be Responsible

It is important for all vehicle owners to know how to do regular maintenance such as checking the tire pressure and fluids, and know how to wash the car correctly. They should keep an emergency road kit in their vehicle and know how to use it. The more you maintain your car, the lower it will be at risk of breaking down on the road.

Happy driving!

Once you find the right car, you are good to go! However, we want to remind you that an adequate driver’s training is an important first step to ensure safe driving habits. If you still haven’t checked that off the list yet, feel free to call us. We are the Best Driving School Calgary, creating safer roads, one new driver at a time.

Buying your first car can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Once you know what to look for, the process will become smoother and enjoyable.

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