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Calgary Driving School. Services and Packages GDL PACKAGE “Insurance Reduction”

Calgary Driving School. My Way Academy Driving is the primer driving school offering professional car driving training in Calgary. We teach our clients how to drive safely by offering best possible driving coaching to improve their driving skills.

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GDL PACKAGE “Insurance Reduction”

Under this program, you are provided 15 hours of classroom education along with 10 hours practical training on road. After the successful completion of program, you will receive a insurance certificate proving your participation in driving education program. You can avail good discounts from insurance companies by this certificate.

Promotion fee $600.00 GST Included (Until March 15,2023), Regular fee ($725+GST)

Non – GDL “Insurance Reduction”

The Non-GDL driving teaching program avail 15 hours classroom training and 6 hours practical training on the road. After training, you will receive a insurance certificate recognized by insurance companies for discounts. Make sure to check your eligibility for discounts with your insurance company.

Insurance Reduction Course for Class 5 Holders: $475 GST Included, Regular fee ($525+GST)

Online Course Full Package

This Program consists of 15 hours of online instruction , 10 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction, and in-car observation. Upon completion of this course, student will receive insurance certification.

Promotion fee $600.00 GST Included (Until March 15,2023)

On Road Training only $525.00 GST Included

This course consists of 10 hours of behind the wheel instruction. Classroom hours are NOT included in this package. Behind the wheel lessons are generally administered in 5 sessions for 2 hours per day. There is no certification for this course.

Brush-up Courses

We offer customized refresher driving courses for adults and parents. Under this program, you will be availing 2 hours practical training on the road. The driving education can be customized as per the learning skills of the individual.

Brush-up Course: $125 GST Included
Gain Confidence on Road

Use of the car for advanced and basic road test

If using one of our vehicles for your road test, it's best to book the vehicle prior to your road test date to ensure a vehicle is available.

Calgary Driving School

Please Note:

We provide training for road test and do not undertake them on behalf of the government. However, we can book appointment for your official road tests. Road test appointments are booked at Southland Registry. You will be required to buy a road test permit at the registry.

We Provide Free Pickup and Drop Off for all In-Car Lessons
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