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Checklist For a Safe Holiday Road Trip from Calgary Driving School Professionals

A holiday road trip can be extremely exhilarating. But, between all the fun and excitement it is possible to forget putting safety first. Our Calgary Driving School suggests motorists to ensure their cars and their driving skills are thoroughly geared up so they can avoid making their road trip memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Checklist form Professional Driver Training School in Calgary

Whether you are taking a long trip, or traveling only a short distance, it is always advised to check your vehicle for safety before you leave. Any journey beyond normal daily limits requires going through a checklist – especially if you are going to be heading to areas where very few or no businesses are open. Most of the top driving schools in Calgary offer personalized coaching classes combined with many hours of classroom teaching.

Schools for driving lessons in Canada focus on various factors for on road safety. Here is a checklist of things that ensure your vehicle safety before you leave for a holiday road trip:

  • Headlights – You may not need those headlights during the day time, but if a creepy storm comes your way, you will really thank your working headlights for helping you make it through.
  • Windshield wipers – Having old or worn out windshield wipers can comprise with the visibility. Consider replacing or fixing them before you leave.
  • Air conditioner – If you are planning to take a holiday trip during the hottest months of the year, make sure your vehicle’s air conditioner is all gassed up to blow some ice cold air.
  • Tires – Although getting tire pressure checked is nothing to be reminded of, most people often forget to check them before hitting the road. A simple check will not take much of your time, and will inform you whether your vehicle’s tires have too much or too less air.
  • Air Filters – Even if your vehicle has dirty air filters, there is no need to get them replaced from a local auto parts store. Simply use an air hose to blow the dirt off and put your air filters back to where they belong.
  • Oil – Drivers often forget to change the oil in their vehicles when they are really supposed to. Calgary driving school advices all drivers to get their vehicle oil changed once in every 200 to 400 miles. In case, you forget to change the oil before leaving for that holiday road trip, chances are, your engine might blow up on the way.

Apart from the carrying this checklist, make sure you have good food, blankets, torch, a first aid kit, necessary tools and a spare tire, just in case. Remember to fully charge your mobile phone and other devices prior to leaving for the road. Most importantly, remember to have lots of fun and laughter during your trip!

My Way Driving School guides students through every step of the way in becoming a Calgary driver. Whether you are a teenager or a senior citizen, our driving lessons Calgary will deliver the finest car driving services.

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