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The Most Dangerous Driving Distractions That You Should Avoid

Dangerous Driving Distractions

Nowadays, roads are safer than ever before. Cars are smarter and able to avoid crashes. But unfortunately, drivers are not. Distracted driving is not only dangerous for those who behind the wheel, but also for the passengers and pedestrians.

Driving always requires an extremely high percentage of attention. As you get more experience with driving, you find yourself comfortable and more willing to spread your attention across numerous distractions. Driving distractions can create a several chances of serious car crashes. Some distractions are more dangerous than others. According to a survey young or teen age drivers are more prone to engaging in distracting activities while driving.

Here are some worst driving distractions. Have a look at them.

  1. Mobile phones: The use of smartphones while driving can increase the risk of road accidents. As per several studies, sending a text message is the worst distraction. Using mobile is one of those activities that can take your eyes off the road and can put you and other people in jeopardy. You may don’t know that text messaging while driving is illegal in some states.
  2. Adjusting vehicle setting: It is one of the most common bad habits. Many people don’t realize that adjusting vehicle setting while driving is dangerous for them and other people who travel with them. As a driver, it is your responsibility to check the vehicle setting before going anywhere.
  3. Eating and drinking: As compared to other distracted driving habits, this one might seem relatively tame. But using your car as a moving restaurant is very dangerous. If once you lose the attention, you will be met an accident.
  4. Daydreaming: Detaching from reality while driving can lead to a serious road accident. Daydreaming while driving is called highway hypnosis. You may have heard about it that it is a deep state of unconsciousness and most often it happens to long distance drivers.
  5. Talking: Talking with your passengers and partner with too much focus can lead to trouble. Many people like to talk with people riding in the back seat and they also turn around. You may have habit to talk with another person who is with you in the vehicle, but it is easy to go over the line and you may lose the control of your vehicle.
  6. External distractions: Apart from the inside distractions, there are a lot of outside distractions that can attract you. People are hardwired to watch roadside diversions or notice extraordinary. To prevent accidents, make sure you don’t look for the roadside billboards, shops and other distracting things.

These given distractions are the most common cause of road accidents. Whether you are an experienced driver or a new driver, make sure you don’t involve in all these distractions. Distracted driving come up with dangerous consequences that can hurt you and your loved ones. If you have any question related driving, you can contact our experts at My Way Academy Driving in Calgary.

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