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Going For a Drive? Don’t Take These Myths Along!

Going For a Drive? Don't Take These Myths Along!

When it comes to driving, there are people who get fully excited and then there are the ones who get terrified at its name. Both of these things lead to over confidence and lack of confidence, both of which are not good for driving. To make things worse, there are a lot of myths attached to driving.When you are driving a vehicle, you are under the legal premises and you have to obey the traffic and driving rules. Most of the people have no idea about rules and start believing what they feel like or what others say. So, let us not make you wait anymore for your drive and get these myths busted for you!

Driving Myths & Facts

  • Myth- One or two pints don’t have any effect on driving.
    This is not true as this varies from person to person. It all depend on your tolerance to alcohol. Just because your friend can drive with it, does not mean you can do it too. Moreover, drunk driving is offensive. So, forget one or two, you can’t have anything.
  • Myth- Driving barefoot is illegal.
    Fact- Driving barefoot is not illegal. It is said so because it can cause your foot to slip off the brake and accelerator pedals, making you prone to an accident. It is recommended to wear hard soled shoes as they form a great pedal grip, ensuring a safe and smooth driving.
  • Myth- Eating While driving is illegal!
    Fact- Oh My God! Where does this came from? It is not illegal to eat while driving but it is recommended not to eat while driving as it can distract you. Even a single second distraction can greatly damage your car or get you injured.
  • Myth- You can’t be fined for slow driving.
    Fact- Driving too fast or too slow can lead to an accident. Both are signs of dangers and one can get fined for driving too slow or too fast. If a car is coming with speed from behind and you are driving very slowly, imagine how much effort that car’s break pedals would have to put in to prevent a clash?
  • Myth- One can deceive the speed camera with reflective plates.
    Fact- First of all, this is not legal to do so and itself goes for a penalty! The plates used to reflect the flash is sold illegally and would make you arrested right away. On the top of that, not each and every speed camera flashes!
  • Myth- If you are late on examination day, you will not pass!
    Fact- This is a funny one. There are people who think that the officers have a set number to pass for a day and fail all the others. This is not true at all as the government can’t be so cruel to the ones who come late!

Have Any More Doubts?
If you have any doubts and questions on driving or the rules of driving, feel free to contact My Way Driving in Calgary. We not only like to train people for driving but make sure everyone is well educated regarding driving rules!

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