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Driving In Fog? Never Forget To Consider Few Safety Tips

Driving In Fog? Never Forget To Consider Few Safety Tips

In winters, driving in fog is the most difficult time for the drivers as compared with other times of the year. It is complete road safety nightmare even for the experienced drivers as a single wrong step can turn into big tragedy. Due to the adverse weather conditions and low visibility, driving becomes more hazardous in winter and requires proper attention. In such extreme conditions, one must assure with safety tips while traveling otherwise it can also result in a major accident.

Following few tips are helpful in minimizing the chances of facing accidents during winter fog:

  1. Inspect Car’s Lights: Before moving into a fog, a driver must ensure that all car lights are working properly. One must make sure these car lights must be fully functional as it allows other users to aware of your presence on road.
  2. Inspect Wipers: Due to low visibility in summers, it is strictly advised to check for the wipers or replace them if they are not working. Ineffective wipers make your traveling part more dangerous, especially during foggy winter.
  3. Be Slow: Driving fast in foggy winter might be dangerous and irresponsible. You must move with slow speed in thick fog otherwise this will also meet you with unwanted mishappening. If you remain slow, then you can see clearer on roads.
  4. Little Space In Side Window: Due to low visibility and fog everywhere, it’s difficult for the drivers to hear sounds. One must open the side window just a little bit to get hear by warning signals from the other vehicle.
  5. Make Use Of Heater: When there is heavy fog, it means a condensation may build up inside the car and it becomes difficult to see the outer environment. But, with the use of a heater, it helps you in keeping the windows more clearer.

In extreme weather conditions, only safety tips are the best supporter of the driver. One must remain alert all the times as it is helpful in minimizing the major disasters. If you want to make your driving skills stronger than before, then you can also enroll yourself at My Driving Academy.

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