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How Can I Keep My New Teenage Driver Safe?

How Can I Keep My New Teenage Driver Safe?

There’s one question that our driving school Calgary often receives from parents after we help their teen complete the driving education program – What should I do to make sure my son/daughter stays safe?

The life-long journey to becoming a safe, confident and watchful driver like anything else begins with the basics and a strong foundation. It is important to learn the basics to ensure proper and safe driving.

Below are the proven strategies that can help new drivers stay safe behind the wheels.

Position the driver’s seat correctly

Many drivers still fail to correctly position them in their cars. This can not only cause a great deal of discomfort while driving but can also prevent your ability to properly control the car. A properly adjusted seat can significantly improve your ability to drive more safely, avoid crashes, and maintain comfort while driving.

Use one hand to adjust the mirror

Once your seat is properly adjusted, the next step is to adjust the mirrors. This is important. A well-adjusted mirror will help you minimize blind spots, and give you maximum visibility. Avoid using both the hands when adjusting your rear view mirror. Adjust the mirror to your desired position using only your right hand, because using both hands will force you to lift your back from the seat which will alter the view once you are seated correctly!

Set air conditioner, music & other electronics beforehand

Set the air conditioning temperature and your play-list before your go on your drive. Fidgeting with the electronics in your car leads to driving distraction and immediately puts you at a greater risk of getting into an unwanted situation. Try worrying less about what’s happening inside the car, and more about what’s happening on the road. The more time you spend looking somewhere but the road, the more you are putting yourself, your passengers and others at risk.

Be a responsible passenger

Shouting things such as: “STOP” or “WATCH OUT” can alarm any driver – no matter beginner or experienced. It is crucial to stay calm and in control. When wanting your new teen driver to brake, ask them to “press the brake”. Also, as a responsible passenger eliminate all of the distractions you can cause, such as talking on the phone and texting.

So there you go! Follow these strategies to keep your new teen driver safe and enjoy a stress-free and safe driving.

If you’re interested in taking brushup driving courses, or have any questions, you can contact our driving school Calgary.

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