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How to Reduce Driving Distractions – Driving School Calgary

 Reduce Driving Distractions

Distracted driving is one of the most consequential dangers that drivers face behind the wheel today. Cell phone usage, texting and other actions can take your attention away from the road and increase your chances of getting into an accident. By getting rid of the habits associated with distracted driving, you can keep yourself and those around you safe.

Our driving school Calgary give useful tips to reduce driving distractions.

Power Down Your Phone

The most apparent way to eliminate cell phone distractions is to simply turn it off. This way you won’t hear new notifications coming in, thus allowing you to keep your focus on the road.

Change your voicemail outgoing message to something like, “I can’t attend the phone right now, I am either busy or driving.” This indicates that you didn’t answer because you’re occupied. While some people think voicemails are a thing of the past, they still are the best way to know you missed a call while your phone was powered down.

Pull Over to Attend Your Phone

If you feel like you can’t power down your phone due to possible emergencies, the least you can do is pull off to the side of the road. When you hear your phone ringing or notifying an incoming text, ignore it until you can safely pull off to the side of the road. Set your car in park, and then attend the call or read and reply to the text/email.

Listen, Don’t Watch

If you’re using your phone as a navigation device or already have a navigation device in your car, change its settings. It is important to ensure that your navigation device tells you where to go rather than show you. Then listen to its directions instead of continually looking at your device.

Rest Easy the D.J. in You

Our phones can also be a music player, and that’s a great feature. Still, set your play-list, or album in the order you want to play before you start driving the car. This way you can simply plug-in and play when you hit the road.

While there are many other things to consider while driving, ensuring your safety is the most important. These distractions can include eating, day dreaming, grooming, taking selfies or trying to grab a moving object in your car. All of these things shouldn’t be taking place when driving your car.

To help you keep your teenager safe behind the wheel, you may want to consider enrolling them in driving classes at My Way Driving School Calgary. Our highly skilled and experienced instructors will provide your teen with the training required to become a responsible driver.

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