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Revealed: Lesser Known Dangerous Driving Distractions

Since the proliferation of mobile phones and other gadgets, safe driving advocates have been guiding drivers about the new dangers posed to everyone by the misuse of mobile phones and gadgets. There has been a significant rise in the number of teen accident rates since the inception of texting. Various campaigns, warnings and strict driving rules couldn’t get the number down.

Driving Distractions

This is not all, there are various other distractions also that are not in the spotlight; but, they exist. Distracted driving can have extremely serious consequences. In fact, one of the major reasons behind accidents in Calgary – more than mobile phone use is – day dreaming.

Drivers need to remember that their one wrong step behind the wheel, can have grave consequences for everyone. Our driving school Calgary experts advise new drivers to take all the major steps to prevent anything worst from happening to you and people around you.


Highway Hypnosis is considered to be the most extreme version of daydreaming. It is generally mentioned in the Driver’s Ed courses. It most often happens to long-distance drivers, where a driver starts staring at the white lines in order to stay in a specific lane. It’s a strange feeling. For the average commuter, day dreaming poses a great risk as letting your mind wander from driving can be the cause of fatal accidents.

Drivers often encounter this type of feeling, which up to a limit, is normal and healthy. However, humdrum can lead to serious accidents. Whether daydreaming is your habit or a part of your routine, but, you need to make sure you don’t do it while driving.


Drivers are often indulged in various reaching maneuvers all the time, including, changing the radio station, turn on the AC, pick up a coffee cup, etc. Such activities take your eyes or attention off the road that can be dangerous. Many drivers try reaching for a dropped item and crash the car. Drivers think that they aren’t doing anything wrong, but in reality they are risking their and others’ life. Remember, distracted driving is dangerous, whether you are distracted by your cell phone or a dropped cup.


In a similar vein, it’s been seen that talking to the passengers while driving, particularly with so much focus can lead to trouble. Some drivers like to talk to the people sitting behind or next to them, they would probably turn around – taking their eyes off the road.

Obviously, you can talk without being distracted, but sometimes you may lose your control of a giant vehicle. You can chat, but, make sure you don’t turn around or use your hands way too much to describe the route or other things.

Keep in mind the above distractions that can take your attention or eyes off the road and can lead to some serious trouble. Be a good and responsible driver on the road. If you want to improve your driving skills, you are most welcome at our driving school in Calgary. My Way Driving Academy is committed to providing safe and effective car driving classes in Calgary. Contact today to know more about our driving school in Calgary.

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