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Safety Items You Must Have In Your Car

Nobody plans to have an emergency, but they happen all of a sudden – anytime, anywhere. Nearly every day, motorists or car drivers get flat tires or overheated engines in front of them. People often try to dismiss emergency preparedness by assuming “I have a Smartphone, I’ll call someone for help.” But such assumptions can be a great risk for you and your belongings.

Our driving school Calgary guides people about how to get yourself out of most emergency situations. Apart from providing car driving training, our trainers also provide various tips helping you stay safe in challenging circumstances. Some important items that can provide significant help during an emergency include:

  1. Map: Map, yes actual map, not Google map. You can’t rely on Apple maps during an emergency. Keep an actual road map to guide yourself in case you take a wrong turn in a new city.
  2. Blanket: No matter, you are commuting to a city or a desert, make sure you have a blanket in the car. It will keep you warm if you are traveling in winters and can also become your bedding if you are forced to sleep in an unknown place or any forest.
  3. Water: You won’t be surprised when we say to keep water in your car. It will not only help cooling off your overheated radiator, but is also required for surviving in a place where it is hard to find drinkable water.
  4. Fire Extinguisher: This is handy if you come across a fire. Sometime, overheated engine catches fire and can even blast off your car. So better stay prepared.
  5. Jumper Cables: Jumper cables can charge your car battery by siphoning electricity from another car. Make sure you learn how to use them as having a thing that you cannot use, is of no use.
  6. First Aid Kit: First Aid Kit is a must. Make sure your kit has band-aids, iodine and gauze. You can also add a few more things that you think you might need in a crisis.
  7. Spare Tire: A few skills and you can yourself fix a flat tire. It is pretty simple to get out of a flat tire situation, if you have a spare tire with you. Just be on level ground and use the jack properly to lift the car slightly up. Now, replace the tire and get back on the road again.
  8. Flashlight: If is not necessary that an emergency happens in daylight. So, you must keep a flashlight with you. There are chances you are gonna break down in total darkness. Remember to keep a fresh set of batteries also in case the flashlight drains the batteries.

Do you feel more prepared? Good! Now, enjoy your trips or long drives with your partner. But, always drive safe – think about your and others safety. We, at My Way Driving School, Calgary, teach aspirant drivers to be an excellent driver. We offer various car driving training programs for teens to seniors.

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