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Taking ‘Selfies’ While Driving is NOT cool

Driving school Calgary warns people not to take selfies while driving, as it can be fatal.

Lets start with the basics. Talking on the phone while driving is considered extremely dangerous, texting while driving is considered absolutely risky, and taking ‘selfies’ while driving is considered highly stupid.

After Oxford Dictionary named ‘Selfie’ as the word of the year 2013, it entered the mainstream, popularly among social media users, as a term for a self-portrait photograph. Technology has encouraged drivers to use their smartphone cameras while in motion causing some serious aftermaths. While there are no statistics related to selfies and traffic fatalities in Calgary, the social media hashtags such as #drivingselfie, #drivingtowork have raised a concern particularly for younger drivers who are already at risk of accidents due to their age and inexperience.

Drivers, these days, are finding all the dumb things to do behind the wheel such as applying makeup, reading, eating and texting. So far, young adults and teenagers are the ones all excited about snapping selfies while driving a car, or even riding a motorcycle. Moreover, these selfie drivers are not even a bit hesitant in sharing these photographs on websites such as Instagram, and Twitter.

We have piled up some good enough reasons why taking selfies while driving is NOT cool:

  1. Every self-image you take from your smart phone, takes your eyes off the road for 10 seconds or more – enough to cause a severe damage.
  2. Taking a self-portrait while driving a 2,000-pound vehicle at 60 miles per hour can put your life in danger as well as of those around you.
  3. While the selfie-trend may seem amusing, the driving school Calgary warns drivers against a severe injury, or even death.
  4. If Alberta drivers are caught texting, answering a phone call or taking self-photographs, they are supposed to pay a $172 fine.
  5. Even taking self-photographs at a stop sign isn’t risk-free. According to a new law in Alberta, people behind the wheels are prohibited from reading and writing, viewing a computer, operating a GPS device or any other display screen.

Academies giving driving lessons Calgary have been trying hard in recent months to raise awareness about the hazards related to texting and driving. The young drivers of today, rarely let their smartphones out of their sight, and find each beep indicating a new message something very hard to resist. Young people should learn to stand up for themselves by not following the crowd and by not posting driving photographs on the Internet. The only thing a driver should be doing while driving is focusing on the road ahead. The smart phone camera can wait until you safely arrive your destination. Do not let your #drivingselfie to be the last photograph you will ever take.

My Way Academy Driving, a driving school Calgary would like you to share this article with your loved ones and save them from becoming a victim to fatal accidents.

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