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Top 5 Reasons For Failing The Driving Exams

Failing The Driving Exams

For most of learner drivers, taking a driving test is an unsettling prospect. Nerves on the day may have a negative impact on your driving skills. This can lead you to make poor decisions on the road. In order to help you avoid failing the driving test, it’s worth knowing the top reasons why learners fail their driving exams:

Observation at junctions

This is the number one reason why most of the learners fail their driving tests. You must make a full and proper observation, before emerging or turning at junctions. It is vital to watch out for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

You need to give way wherever required and not cause any other driver to change speed or direction. Make sure you slow down when approaching junctions so that you have enough time to react according to the traffic.

Use of mirrors

When you are nervous, it is quite obvious to forget the basics of driving such as checking the mirrors. Many people forget to check their mirrors during critical times. For example, drivers forget to look in their mirrors before changing speed or direction which leads to some serious consequences.

Checking your mirrors must be a conscious procedure that allows you to track what’s going around you on the road. If you see a potential hazard, you must react accordingly and wisely.

Incorrect positioning

The other common reason for failing the driving test is being in an inappropriate position in your lane, roundabouts and bends. Remember, when you are on the road, you must follow a suitable position for the direction you are taking. In case, you have taken an inappropriate lane, look for the good time to get into the correct lane.


Make sure you are confident of making all the different manoeuvres before taking your test. Maintaining control of the vehicle while reverse parking is considered to be the most tricky task by the learners.

Always keep your speed low so that you have enough time to observe the surroundings and make decisions accordingly. You need to get the manoeuvres accurately and practice more in order to correct yourself.

Response to signals

This involves reacting appropriately to traffic light changes and road markings. If you are approaching an amber traffic light you need to stop unless you have already crossed the stop line, or you are close enough to it that pulling up may lead to an accident.

Always be in a sensible speed and make sure you see the road signs and lane markings in good time.

Review the above mentioned mistakes that cause learners fail the driving test. Remember, practice and preparation is the key to pass the driving exam. You need to be vigilant while taking the driving exam. Work on your weaknesses and build a strong driving foundation.

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