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Winter Driving Tips By Driving School Calgary

Winter Driving Tips By Driving School Calgary

Winter is considered to be the most perilous season for driving, since the road conditions are complex due to the presence of snow, ice and chilly temperatures. Thus, it becomes essential to learn how to drive during the winter, especially if you live in Calgary. If you are a beginner, instead of getting afraid of the roads, you should take the opportunity to learn how to drive like a pro in the winter. Our driving school Calgary provides effective tips on how to drive on extreme climatic conditions.

Tip #1: Get grip on your tires

During winter season, you need to take out your winter tires. Winter tires are designed to improve the traction in icy or snowy road conditions. If you are still driving on those old summer tires, replace them as soon as possible. They are essential for safe driving during winter.

Tip #2: Keep your car well-maintained and up-to-date.

It is utmost important to start taking care of your car before winter approaches. Carefully check the heaters, defrosters, exhaust system, hoes and belts and battery etc. Make sure all these parts in proper working condition. Also, keep an emergency kit in your car to ensure you have a hassle free riding experience.

Tip #3: Drive slowly & carefully.

During winter, it is good to always drive at a slow speed and never ever try to chase or compete with any other car. No matter whether you are running late for a movie or a meeting, you should never drive too fast. Driving at a higher speed on slippery roads can be extremely dangerous, even fatal.

Tip #4: Be careful while braking.

On slippery roads, you need to be extra careful while pressing the brake pedal. Don’t just slam on your brakes, as it can result into skidding. Maintain a good distance with the vehicles in heavy traffic areas. Always stay alert and keep the eyes on the roads.

Tip #5: Check your car before leaving from home.

It is always good to check your car carefully, before you leave your home. Clean the snow from the tires and windshield. You can also keep some eatables and water in the car in case some emergency happens.

Make sure you keep all the above tips in mind during winter. Staying active can help you drive smoothly even on wet and slippery roads. If you are a beginner, looking for a driving school in Calgary, then contact My Way Driving. Our driving school in Calgary will help you improve your driving skills.

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